Monday, June 27, 2011

On the Road....

Its been a few days since my last post, but we have been busy! This past weekend we went to Grand Rapids, Minnesota. 
I planned on utilizing my time in the car thinking of this blog. With camera in tow, I took pictures almost the entire six hours (one way) from the car. The majority of the ride up with filled with green fields, cows and road construction.
Honestly, I think this is the reason mileage is so low... 

Ended up taking about 130 photos throughout the weekend. Between conversations and baby toy rescues, I look for things that have been "lost in time" so to speak. I love photographing old barns and houses, stonework, abandoned roads, etc... makes me wonder who lived there. What kind of life did they have, when did they first settle there. That could be the reason I love history so much, my mind just wanders there. 

One of the old farm houses along the way. 

We also like to keep an eye out for home improvement ideas. Our current situation finds us within the city limits of Watertown, but have just started renovating a home on Cully's parents farm. Basically, we need visual ideas of things we may like in/on/around our home. 
I thought of this as an option to mowing a ditch every other day...

Another idea that I had was to arrange the gardening and flower beds in the yard so certain smells fill specific rooms within the house. The herb garden would be just northwest of the kitchen window, while the lavender and lilac would be directly west of the bedroom and bathrooms. This probably is not too original of an idea, but I thought it was pretty amazing! So while on our treck to the north-woods, I kept my eyes out for other landscaping ideas, and especially flowers! I was surprised to see the abundance of daisies on the side of the roads and realized there are not too many around home. Another nice surprise were the small, scattered patches of Pink and White Lady's Slippers. The flower of the State of Minnesota, I have not seen it since I was younger but yet there were patches for a good 70 miles or so. I should have stopped for a photo, but since I was driving, both the guys were sleeping... 

 We finally made it up to my Grandpa's house where we spread my father's ashes (For those who don't know, he lost his battle with esophageal cancer in March). The weather cooperated and he had a quiet, beautiful send off, just the way he would have liked. It was an afternoon filled with reflection and spent with family. To my Dad the lake was his second home, he knew every inch of it and could always find the fish. It is the epitome of why I love northern Minnesota so much. 

View of the lake at Grandpas (Dad's Home). 

It was a nice little get away. We were not up there all that long and had no requirements as to time. Although it was only drive up, sleep and drive home, it was very relaxing. 


Coming up this week: 
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....and quite possibly more!!!

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