Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello There!
This is a new experience for me, just getting to this point took a lot of thought and research. It is my hope in this blog to provide information to anyone who wants it. I have become accustomed to living frugally as possible and along the way have picked up a few tips and tricks and look forward to sharing them. In addition, I am a mom of a total of four children Emma (9 years) and Carter (9 months) live at home. Camdyn (6 years) and Paige (3 years) visit us almost every other weekend. With a family of this size many can understand the importance of frugality but without the sacrifice of fun!!

As I take on new projects and recipes, I plan to document the processes and outcomes (with pictures)! I hope to pass on what I liked/disliked or would do differently. Furthermore, I will "pass on" information about saving money, thrift store and grocery shopping, coupon clipping, and whatever other fabulous offers I come across. If there is something you would suggest as a topic, just let me know!

I hope I can be entertaining as well, showcasing my home life. With four very different individuals life can be pretty interesting... hopefully you will find as much humor in it as I do. 

South Dakota Prairie 

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